your mod
name of the mod
your name

block 1
requiered attributes name of the block
id of the block (must be unique)
texture for right side of block
texture for left side of block
texture for front side of block
texture for back side of block
texture for top side of block
texture for bottom side of block
texture to show in the inventory
draw type of block
walkable type of block
optional attributes light radius
player's damage when walking on block
block is slippery to walk on
player's speed when holding block

Directions & Tips


Block Ids

Block IDs are numbers that Manic Digger uses to distinguish different blocks. The IDs that you choose must not only be different from each other, but also all other blocks in Manic Digger. So long as you have not downloaded any non-default mods, ID 300 and up should work just fine.

How Textures Work

You can specify the name of a an image in the file @ ManicDigger/data/public/blocks to show on the sides of your blocks. Make sure to omit the end of the file (i.e. ".png"). For example, if you wanted to use an image in the textures folder named "empty.png" you would write "empty" in the blank. You can also add your own images to the textures folder, but make sure they are PNG images which are 32x32 pixels large.

What to do when Your Done Filling in all The Blanks

Press the download button. If you filled out every necessary field your mod will start downloading. If nothing happens, refer to the Unanswered Questions & Unsolved Problems section bellow. Now that your mod has downloaded, all you have to do is copy it to the folder @ ManicDigger/Mods/Fortress. Next place your textures in the folder @ ManicDigger/data/public/blocks.

Unanswered Questions & Unsolved problems

If you still have a question or a problem after reading all the above head over to the Manic Digger forum and ether post a message on the Mod Creator thread or send me (Mr. Rar) a message.